Feed a lawyer, or else …

Family Law

How to track an Invisible Elephant?

Use —> Google <— , lots of  “elbow grease”, and of course… have “Preparation H” handy, ’cause you’ll be spending lots of time sitting in front of the computer. .


Here we go:


  1. Mr. and Mrs. Attorney commit perjury and you try to get the remedy through official “remedy procedure”.
  2. You are instructed to “File a Complaint with the State Bar of California”.
  3. You do that and wait.
  4. You are instructed to “File with the District Attorney Office”.
  5. You do that and wait.
  6. You call them up to inquire about your complaint.
  7. You are instructed to wait more.
  8. … and more.
  9. And then one day letters come to inform you that your Complaints are rejected.
  10. Then you start to wonder…
  11. Then you start to research.
  12. Then you find:

. .


Just follow the trail on the chart and pieces start to fall into place.


You be the judge!


September 11, 2011 - Posted by | Family Law


  1. I filed Criminal Charging Affidavits against the Deputy District Attorney in my case



    A judge is mandated to report attorneys for misconduct: Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 6086.7(a)(2). The State Bar sends out a letter each year reminding judges of the statutory requirements. California Code of Judicial Ethics: Currently, the code directs a judicial officer to “take appropriate corrective action whenever information surfaces that a lawyer has violated ethical duties.” (Cal. Canons of Jud. Ethics, Canon 3D(2).) and, ABA Model Rule 3.8, covers the conduct of prosecutors.

    Judges have the option to hold those responsible in prosecutorial misconduct in contempt of court —

    ~Sharon Stephens

    Comment by Sharon Stephens | September 22, 2011

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