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Ich Lieb Dich Nicht, Du Liebst Mich Nicht  (I love you not, you love me not) -> Trio, 1982


Trio: DaDaDa


What better song is there to describe my relationship with Santa Clara DA (DA DA) office?

It is monotonous, goes forever, and yet, it is captivating, entertainingly stupid and lyrics fit, too. 🙂


Once Upon a Time…

… there was a simple pauper who wrote a letter to a king, asking him to use his royal powers to right some wrongs.


Here is my letter to Santa Clara DA Jeffrey Rosen regarding the perjury committed by attorneys Stefan Kennedy and Tamara Costa:

Santa Clara


To:       Mr. Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara DA

Dear Mr. Rosen,

I am informing you with great sadness that I am accusing your office of aiding and abetting perjury and racketeering and that I find your office guilty of public corruption.

I base my accusations on two time failure by your office to take action when evidence was presented to you showing that attorneys Stefan Kennedy and Tamara Costa committed perjury in Santa Clara Family Court, case 1-05-FL-129014.

I have strong suspicions that Assistant DA Karyn Sinunu Towery is behind this plot. Her husband James Towery was already eliminated from the State Bar when he tried to close my complaint against the same attorneys. His conflict of interest in this case was easily proven through party’s connections with the law firm Hoge, Fenton, Jones and Appel. The same forces seem to be in place within your office.[1]

First time my case was dismissed when I was told over the phone that attorney Kennedy’s statement (given under the oath) was a “statement of opinion” and not a “statement of the fact” and as such did not constitute perjury. Such conclusion by your office was ridiculous.

Kennedy’s stated in his trial brief Re. Attorney’s fees: “Husband did not produce anything”, referring to stock options and interest I had with my company. However, attorney Kennedy already had my stock options certificate and company offer letter in his possession for several months before he made that statement. The complete documentation with supporting evidence was given to your office. Mr. Ken Rosenblatt was in charge of the inquiry.

Second time I submitted evidence that I obtained through subpoena which proved that Stefan Kennedy and Tamara Costa committed perjury when they claimed in their sworn declaration that my ex-wife Vesna Vojnovic had TEMPORARY employment with Samsung Hospitality. Documents I provided consisted of attorneys’ declaration, proof that their claim was fraudulent and proof that attorneys already possessed knowledge that their claims were fraudulent, thus proving the intent to commit fraud.  Case was handled by Paul Colin whom I met in the lobby for less than five minutes. He just glanced through the evidence (half inch thick stack of papers) and dismissed the case. From the beginning I was under the impression that he felt very uncomfortable and that he wanted to leave the meeting as soon as possible as if he came to the meeting with the decision already made.

Before I take this matter to the Attorney General, I would like to give you an opportunity to remedy this situation. If you are willing to learn more about this case, please contact me via e-mail at: mirko_vojnovic@yahoo , or via phone: 408-663-9883.

As I had already lost my company and source of income due to the perjurious activities of attorneys Kennedy and Costa and that I stand to lose my home and shelter for my daughter at the beginning of September 2011, I am planning to go on hunger strike with the support of certain foreign government. I am sure that negative publicity will not be for anybody’s benefit.



Mirko Vojnovic

[1] Even though the referred inaction took place during Dolores Carr’s tenure, I am also aware of the fact that Karyn Sinunu Towery supported your nomination for the Office of District Attorney.


And king sent his trusted minister to solve the problem

Or did he send a jester? You be the judge…


Pay attention to Mr. Chase’s definition of a “temporary job”. It is the job that “does not last forever”. How hilarious is that? 🙂



And simple pauper took the stand…

… to seek for justice based on the law of the land.



Santa Clara,CA

Dear Mr. Chase,

I received your letter in which you inform me that you are “declining to take further action on (my) complaints”.

First I would like to apologize for sending you an incomplete “Motion to Set Aside Order After Hearing Re: Attorney’s Fees and Costs, Set One”.  It only came to my attention that FedEx Kinko’s copier “swallowed” few pages out of that document when I filed the complaint with Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye.

I am positive that one of the pages was page 00007 of Exhibit 2, in which you can find “Contractor Employment Agreement” and that is in stark contrast with the first job offer letter on page 00005. This Contractor’s agreement can be called “TEMPORARY” but the first one was NOT.  Wife was given permanent position first time but she lost her job because of excessive vacationing and vacationing plans. She was re-hired second time as a contractor only because one of the ladies from the department went on a maternity leave. Even that Contract was open ended, and wife ended it on July 13, 2006 just three days before she left on yet another seven week vacation that she scheduled in February when she still had permanent job offer. Wife and her attorneys knew that, and yet they claimed wife only had a “temporary” job. Not only that, attorney Costa committed subordination of perjury by having Ms. Hannah Han sign her Declaration, that the attorney Costa wrote.

What puzzles me even more is that you did not find curious that some of the pages in written Declaration were missing, too. For anybody who was carefully reading the material, that would open some questions and would contact the person who filed those documents for clarification. You failed to do so. That signals to me that the intention was from the beginning to make this complaint go away and use whatever rationalization to do so. I have experienced that with your office in the past.

Second curious point is that you “interviewed a witness”, who was probably contradicting my claims and that you did not contact me to confront his or her statements. Again this is not zealous approach that is required from the attorneys when they take the case.

You also write: “Additionally, the word “temporary“ is ambiguous. There is no way to prove beyond a reasonable doubt whether the declarants used that word according to strict statutory definition or its common everyday meaning”. Anybody who works in the industry, when they see the first job offer, would tell you that it was for a PERMANENT position with three months probation, not a TEMPORARY one.

Even Mr. Michelangelo Lecce (Operations Manager with Samsung Hospitality America Inc., tel 408-544-4562) told me in person that the job offer was for a permanent position.

Statutory definition and common every day meaning of that job offer was and is PERMANENT position. It is well known in industry what temporary position is and attorneys have a duty not to mislead the judge, otherwise they are committing perjury. Material matter means pertinent matter, and attorney Kennedy’s and Costa’s claims were definitely pertinent in this matter.

Third point, you wrote: “Your ex-wife’s job certainly was temporary in the sense that it was sporadic and it did not last forever.”

FOREVER??? Mr. Chase, did you even read what you wrote? Whose job lasts forever? Does that mean that you are TEMPORARY DDA? Is your job going to last forever? Your statement was ridiculous to say the least.

Fourth point is that this was not the first perjurious claim by attorneys Kennedy and Costa. As I have written in my letter to Mr. Jeffrey Rosen, one other incident (and there are more minor ones) involves attorneys claiming that I had not provided any documentation regarding community interest in the company I was working for. I hope your office still has the documents I submitted; if not I will be happy to provide them to you.

However, your failure to even mention that point is another indication that your office just wishes this matter to go away.

Based on all of the above, I find that DA’s office is again trying to dismiss the case for some internal reasons. I will be filing official complaint against Santa Clara DA’s Office with the Office of Attorney General tomorrow.



Mirko Vojnovic

NOTE: The complete “Motion to Set Aside Order After Hearing Re: Attorney’s Fees and Costs, Set One”is included with this letter.


The End!

… or, is it? 🙂



NOTE:  For those who would like to see complete documentation sent to DA’s office, you can find them from the links below.


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