Feed a lawyer, or else …

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Ring Around the Rosie …

… or, how to deflect the responsibility by being psychic.


Sometimes it feels like I am playing some kind of a weird game with these people… A child’s game… or childish, maybe?

I remember when I was in the Army, the way to avoid doing something was to “play stupid“. They can punish you for refusing to carry out an order, but there is no penalty for “being stupid“. Is that what these people are doing here?


On December 7, 2011, I sent a letter to Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye with all the supporting documents related to the Disqualification of Judge Neal A. Cabrinha, outlining how he and Judge Lynn Duryee made mockery of CCP 170.3.  (link)

Today, December 9, 2011, I received a letter from Frederick K. Ohlrich (Court Administrator and Clerk of the Supreme Court) in which he returned the documentation with the following cover letter:

Dear Mr. Vojnovic,

Your document, received today, to Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, has been referred to this office for a reply.

It appears from your documents that you wish to file a complaint against a California judge(s). Such complaints should be directed to the Commission on Judicial Performance…”



Well, Mr. Frederick K. Ohlrich,  I had already filed my complaint with the CJP (thank you very much for asking, … and yes, they are taking their sweet time). (update)

This document was sent to Chief Justice, … to be put in the same file with the accusation against attorneys Kennedy and Costa; because they belong to the same case.  Your job is not to read my mind and assume what I want to do; your job is to add the documents to the file, … and God forbid, maybe act on it?


I also understand, Mr. Frederick K. Ohlrich, that this time you were not able to ignore my letter as you did it with the one sent to Chief Justice on November 4, 2011. The reason is simple, this time I sent it via CERTIFIED mail. You had to sign the receipt, right?


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  1. […] Letter was sent to the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye outlining what happened in this disqualification case; urging her to review the process. To this date, December 4th, 2011, there was no reply. (update) […]

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  2. Lynn Duryee is a jewish crook like the rest of them. I also filed a complaint against that whore’s staff and it was beautifully choreographed by those kikes in a well rehearsed fashion of pointing fingers at eachother and pretending they have no idea what is going on. Everyone is in on it. Get used to it. We get screwed, they get rich and send their proceeds to Israel and UK, as though the billions in tax payer money that goes to UK and Israel’s war mongering and enslavement of the public isn’t enough. The only way to stop it is an ALL OUT revolt.

    Here is more…


    Comment by JerryK | July 25, 2012

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