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After receiving a letter from The Commission on Judicial Performance that my complaint against judge Neal Cabrinha and judge Lynn Durjee was rejected, I called them and talked to staff counsel Karen Clay.  She advised me to write a letter to Director Chief Counsel Victoria B. Henley.   If you think I received an answer – think again.  Letter outlining conflict of interest was completely ignored.

I was singing to the deaf… 🙂

Today is February 4th, 2012…



Santa Clara,CA

January 2, 2012

Director Chief Counsel Victoria B. Henley
Commission on Judicial Performance
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
San Francisco,CA94102


Dear Chief Counsel,

My name is Mirko Vojnovic and I’m writing this letter appalled by the way CJP handled the case of Santa Clara Family Court Judge Neal Cabrinha and Marine County Judge Lynn Duryee.

On December 14, 2011, I received a letter from The Commission on Judicial Performance. Letter states that CJP has determined “not to take further action with respect to (my) complaint dated August 17, 2011…“.

The said complaint was against Santa Clara Family Court judge Neal Anthony Cabrinha for failure to prosecute perjury and for staging fake disqualification hearing involving Marine County judge Lynn Duryee and possibly Supreme Court’s Justice Ming Chin.    Connection between those three individuals is documented in my complaint.

CJP’s letter also states that Commission member, Honorable Erica R. Yew, was recused.

So, question arises… why? …who is she?

Closer look at what is available on the web reveals (link):

  1. Hon. Erica R. Yew was appointed to CJP by the Supreme Court of California.
  2. Hon. Erica R. Yew is at the same time a member of the Supreme Court’s Judicial Council.
  3. According to the Judicial Council’s website: ”The council carries out this mission primarily through the work of its advisory committees and task forces…”
  4. Again, according to the Judicial Council’s website, Task Forces and Other Advisory/Working groups include:

a.   Commission for Impartial Courts, whose members are Justice Ming Chin and Judge Lynn Duryee.

b.   Domestic Violence Practice and Procedure Task Force, Hon. Erica R. Yew is a member.

c.   Self-Represented Litigants Task Force, Hon. Erica R. Yew is also a member.

Commission’s decision to recuse Hon. Erica R. Yew seems appropriate, but it also means that Commission acknowledged that at least one of their members had conflict of interest in this case.


Honorable Judith D. McConnell is CJP Committee’s Chairperson. She is also a member of the Commission for Impartial Courts Steering Committee, where Justice Ming Chin is the chairman (EXHIBIT 3).  Judge Lynn Duryee is also a member of the Commission for Impartial Courts. Why was Hon. Judith D. McConnell not recused? She definitely had the conflict of interest being involved with this case and as CJP Committee’s Chairperson had/has the biggest possible influence on the case. Where is non appearance of bias here?

Prompted by my research I wanted to learn more about how my case was handled. On December 21, 2011, at 3:45, I called CJP and talked to Staff Counsel Karen Clay[1] who was in charge of my case. She confirmed that she was an attorney who was handling the case, and that is all I got from her.

Questions like: Who made the recommendation?… How was the recommendation made”… What was the basis for CJP’s decision to dismiss the case”… all went unanswered. Even though she told me that attorneys usually make recommendations for the Committee, she did not answer whether she, as an attorney who worked on my case, made such recommendation.

When I asked why Hon. Erica Yew was recused, Ms. Clay said that was probably to AVOID THE APPEARANCE OF BIAS and continued to be elusive on other questions. At my remark that without any explanation on how and why CJP made their decision, that would make CJP operating like some secret organization, I was told that was “my opinion”.   She continued to be dismissive as in “decision had been made; case is closed; go away” until I mentioned CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND APPEARANCE OF BIAS that Hon. Judith D. McConnell has in this case. When I requested to know why McConnell was not recused, ONLY THEN, I was given your name, and told to write you a letter. This is what I’m doing now, but without any high hopes, because I experienced how “street politics” and corrupt power brokers conduct their business.

In essence, this case is very simple:

  1. Attorneys lying under oath committed perjury.
  2. Perjury is criminal act under California Penal Code, so those attorneys are criminals.
  3. Judge Neal Cabrinha protects criminal attorneys which is crime in itself; so he is a criminal.
  4. CJP protecting criminal judge is guilty of public corruption.



Please advise what further action, if any, your organization will take in this case.


Mirko Vojnovic

Santa Clara

[1]  I called her three times that day but “she was not available”. Previous day I talked to Ms. Clay briefly and asked her to tell me when she is going to be available the next day to answer some of the questions I had. She told me to call her “any time tomorrow”. Apparently, for most of the day on December 21, 2011, I was given a runaround.


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  1. We are entrering the iron man era. Surveillance, corruption and keep masses under control. Is no Justice for the common people.

    Comment by BBC | February 4, 2012

  2. The worst ones are the low level apparatchiks who display no shame or decency in order to execute their tasks.

    Comment by Mirko Vojnovic | February 4, 2012

  3. Lynn Duryee is a jewish crook like the rest of them. I also filed a complaint against that whore’s staff and it was beautifully choreographed by those kikes in a well rehearsed fashion of pointing fingers at eachother and pretending they have no idea what is going on. Everyone is in on it. Get used to it. We get screwed, they get rich and send their proceeds Israel, as though the billions in tax payer money that goes to UK and Israel’s war mongering isn’t enough. The only way to stop it is an ALL OUT revolt.

    Comment by JerryK | July 25, 2012

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