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My name is Mirko Vojnovic.  I used to be an engineer…When you’re divorcing, you’ve got nothing…You rely on anyone who’s still talking to you… Bottom line — until you figure out who is divorcing you, you’re not going anywhere…

This paraphrase from my favorite TV show’s intro, Burn Notice, is the best description of the situation one finds himself or herself, when he/she enters into the contested and lengthy divorce proceedings. Brace yourself for the unexpected and often grisly tactics as myriad of previously unknown characters and their agendas enter your life. Before you know it, things get out of control…



  1. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

    Comment by RaiulBaztepo | March 30, 2009

  2. I sent you an email Please read !!! we are looking to help Family Court Victims

    Comment by Julie | July 6, 2012

  3. Marin county is run by 100% jewish crooks. Check this out


    One of the many reasons they are losing so many businesses. Boycott everything in Marin county. Lucas Film’s and ILM’s decision to leave the county was just delicious after they got fed up by these vicious racist 1 percenter k.ikes which have absolute contempt for everyone that isn’t Jewish, they especially hate white people and will use the courts to screw them over the same way they are screwing the country with financial melt down

    Comment by Harry | July 24, 2012

  4. Have you contacted the media? Has the media contacted you?

    Comment by lise | January 24, 2013

  5. Hi Lise,

    Funny thing about media-> They do not want to cover divorce stories, unless some gore and mayhem is involved, so they can boost their ratings.

    The reasons are twofold:
    1. Divorce is very emotional state of affairs and finding the truth among emotional claims can be very, very difficult. Reporters shy away from difficult assignments.

    2. The existence of “old boys clubs”, power brokers in every county that include judges, DA’s, attorneys, financial elite and

    Comment by Mirko Vojnovic | January 26, 2013

  6. … media editors. To pass all those filters is nearly impossible.

    I did contact media and here is two of my experiences:

    a. San Jose Mercury News:

    I called a reporter who already covered some family court issues and told him my story. His reply was that he sympathizes with my story since he had gone through the similar experience in his own divorce, but HIS EDITOR DOES NOT ALLOW HIM TO PUBLISH CONTROVERSIAL STORIES ABOUT THE TOPIC.

    b. Channel 7 News (local ABC):

    I managed to get an interview with an assistant to investigative reporter; presented him with all the documents I had for the case and he was excited to proceed, claiming that this was BIG. Two weeks later, after I called them back to inquire about the status some other person simply stated that they were not interested and hung up the phone.

    I heard similar stories from other parents. Media, the way it is run and managed these days, seems to be as corrupt as the courts are.

    Comment by Mirko Vojnovic | January 26, 2013

  7. Hi Mirko, I have a pending paperwork with the CJP. Karen de Sa called me back and told me she cannot guarantee a story but she will look into it. I reached out to Tracy Kaplan but no reply. “NBC Investigates” called me back and told me “The subject is very broad, but we will look into it.” Please email me so we can keep in touch.

    Comment by Lise | March 15, 2013

  8. Hi MIrko,
    I’ve been in the Santa Clara county family court system now for 16 years. I just ran across your blog here and know what your going through. Many people in this system are making hundreds of dollars per hour in this industry. Most would be fired for incompetence from any other field.
    Until the money is taken out of this system, the few good lawyers and judges will be trampled in the feeding frenzy.
    I hope you are doing ok and keep in touch.

    Comment by sharkBait | May 21, 2013

  9. Hello Mirko!
    I’m so sorry to hear what you had to go through at the hands of family court and their Judges but, I’m glad your fighting back because most times it’s a losing battle. My Daughter lost her Son because this Judge and his Court reporter allowed perjury in his court room and the new Judge has picked up where he left off. It all happened around the same time yours did. I could not believe the transcripts, there was so many things wrong and at first they couldn’t even tell us who the court reporter was and the first one was blacked out and another name written in. Two supervisors that work at the Santa Clara Superior Court told my boyfriend that perjury is expected. If that is the case, why do you have to lift your hand and swear to tell the truth? I’ve always taught my children to tell the truth so my Daughter didn’t think she would have a problem in Court because she had the truth on her side but, now she’s depressed and my Grandson is not doing that well either. I don’t know how to help her because like you have found out these Judges all know each other or are friends,it would also be easier if I lived there. Not only was perjury done but, her civil rights were broken. Thank you for fighting the system!

    Comment by Dee | July 22, 2013

  10. Hi Mirko, I had met you today at court. Please provide me with the exact Penal code that I can use against a child custody evaluator, who perjured in the court.

    Comment by Abhijit | October 6, 2015

  11. Seems that these corrupt judges require some 12 gauge lessons in justice. Kneecapping for starters, trousers in place, that will teach’em.

    Wishing you lots of strength from France, p!ease don’t give up the good fight!


    Comment by Jacques Cuse | November 10, 2017

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