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Hunger Strike – Day 6 + 1

Hunting for words. Too many thoughts want to come out at the same time; loss of home, eviction, moving my belongings into storage.


I had to cheat. After six days of not eating I lost five pounds and was feeling pretty weak. I used to bench lift 240 lb, but boy, did I feel weak. Time was getting shorter and shorter for me to move out of my home. I started packing; then I started moving furniture; then I collapsed. I fell down on my knees gasping for breath. That was not good and there was so much work ahead of me. You know, it is not easy to sort out and pack 21 years of your life. First I took a power drink. Within half hour I started feeling better, but I needed my strength to finish the job. I ate some boiled veggies that night and continued packing. The next day I had normal breakfast. Hurray, I was back again!

Tuesday was the day when sheriff was supposed to come and kick me out. I was ready. I rented a moving truck and with help of my girlfriend and two friends we moved everything to 15×20 storage space. We all felt beat up. Thank you Marite, Mitch and my special neighbor Carlos. 🙂


Thursday I was back “at work”. I lost 5 pounds but I regained 2 in the past there days. However, I was ready to continue, only dreading the transition from day two on day three as it is the most painful period.


With my dog Mozart and bunny Kiki. Three Musketeers or Three Stogies. Only the time will tell.



Mozart in his improvised sun shelter.

Friend’s Call

That evening my friend Brin called. She was crying. She had a hearing this week and judge wants to take her little son away from her. She is normal, energetic and hard working woma; always with the smile on her face. The opposing attorney was trying to make her look as an unfit mother.


Do these people have any conscience and any morals???


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Hunger Strike – Day 5

April 13, 2012

Many times I pondered should I say this, should I make it public? Even now I am not sure I’m doing the right thing, but the pain I’m feeling at this moment is overwhelming.



I know from many parent’s testimonies that it is not smart to involve government agencies like Child Protective Services into the divorce quagmire. They have their own agendas and many times they are not acting in child’s best interest.

However, I feel helpless to protect my child. My daughter is my only love and she is everything I have. For years, the other side did everything to portray me as an unfit parent in court and tried to take my daughter away. For years, and tens of thousands of dollars later and many sleepless nights, I succeeded in preventing that from happening. I kept 50% custody for all that time. That is what my child wanted.  She wanted to be with both parents, even though she frequently fought with her mother, but I respected her wishes. She knew that the next week she would be with me and that there would be peace and quiet.  I assume that was not the ideal situation for her, but she learned how to cope with all of that and she remained straight A student in school.

And that worked until Wells Fargo foreclosed on my home this February. Immediately, the new owner, ValleyOne Investment LLC, wanted me to vacate the home.  I didn’t know how the process worked and I was afraid that, one day, they would just come and change locks and we would be left out on the street.  I did not want my child to lose all her possessions and memorabilia (she had won many awards for competition dancing and for playing clarinet and saxophone in her school’s symphonic and jazz orchestras), so we packed her things and moved them to mother’s place.  We agreed that she would need to stay with mother until I figure out what to do with the house issue.

Within days, tensions between her and mother started heating up. Within a week she wrote me that she wanted to run away from home because she did not want to be yelled at and screamed at any more.

(click on image to enlarge)

I immediately reported this to child’s attorney, but nothing was done. Child continued complaining about yelling and name calling for the next few days, so I went to Santa Clara Board of Supervisor’s Office and demanded that something has to be done because Court failed to protect my child and that I will sue the county if this abuse continues. Apparently, the lady I talked to contacted DFCS and DFCS subcontracted Gardner Family Care Corp. to look into the issue.


Text Messages

Today, on April 13, 2012, just as I was getting ready to leave for my protest in front of the Court, I received series of text messages from my daughter.

“Hi dad, ok, so this morning mom got an e-mail from child services and she said that the letter said that I have to turn off internet. I read the letter and it said no such thing. Then she said someone called her and told her she should turn off internet in my room. I don’t believe her and said I won’t let her near it until I talk to this woman myself, but mom won’t let me… and is telling me that she’s gonna throw out the computer. Also, she’s being really mean and grounded (me)…”

“Oh and she also thinks that you’re gonna say that Milos (ex-wife’s new husband) raped me. I want to slap her in the face so badly”.

(click on the image to enlarge)

(click on the image to enlarge)

“She’s just being mean, and yelling at me and threatening to shut off internet connection. Also, she just left and I’m home alone. She’s just trying to put me in the guilt trip and she’s saying mean things about you, me, and everybody else”.

(click on the image to enlarge)

Memories came back. I remember being yelled at in my face from the top of her lungs, insults being slurred left and right, and I just couldn’t stand imagining my child being in the same situation. I know that mom doesn’t want child to have internet access so that she would not be able to complain about her “road rages” to me.

That broke my heart, but there was nothing I could do. If I went to pick up my child, she would call police on me, as she did in the past. She would then tell police that she is afraid for her life and I would risk being arrested. She’s already done that, twice. All I could do is to report the incident to Gardner Family Care Corp, and they promised that somebody will visit my child at home next week. I hope for the best.



Last night there was thunderstorm in our “neck of the woods”. Ghastly winds, rain drumming loudly against the roof; thunders rumbling through the night. I was thinking: “Hey, I still have this roof over my head; at least until next Tuesday. This is good”.

Then my cell phone chimed. My daughter sent me a text message:

“Daddy, it’s thundering and raining and it’s really scary and I’m scared”.

I started crying…


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Hunger Strike – Day 3

April 11, 2012

He was scaling two, three steps at the time. It looked like he was flying down the courthouse stairs. He was a young guy. Dressed in, oh you know; the way young kids are dressed these days; over sized shirt and baggy jeans. He looked clean and groomed. As he approached the place where I had my protest signs displayed, he stopped and turned sideways towards me. He was eyeballing the whole setup and I was looking back at him mildly amused.

When our eyes met, he said: “You have some real stuff going on here man”.

“How so”? I asked.

“With that perjury stuff “, he answered.

“Oh yeah”, I said, “Would you like then to sign my petition to prosecute perjury in courts”.

“No man, I can not” he said.

“Why not”, I was puzzled.

“Because I’m seventeen; I’m too young to vote”.

“How come you know about perjury then”? I asked.

“That is how my mom took everything from my dad”, and he started walking away, “But I’m telling you, you have some real stuff going on here”.

He was still smiling and I was left speechless.

I am not going to tell you what the moral of the story is here. You decide it for yourself. I would just like to tell you that perjury is not something this young kid should know about and that it should not have affected his life in any way. I would also like to tell you that perjurers do not belong to any particular sex group; they could be men or women, equally. In any case, perjury is wrong because it destroys lives.



Funny thing about the hunger strike; day two is the worst. Your stomach is protesting so loudly that you think the whole world can hear you. Cramps can be painful, and then you have to drink water to fool the system. Day three is when everything stops.  You do not feel hungry any more. Energy levels go up, your brain is clear and your thoughts are sharp. Truly, nature hides some big surprises where you do not expect them.




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Hunger Strike – Day 2

April 10, 2012

When I was a kid growing up in a “land far far away” I used to read books by Jack London and Mark Twain. I mean, I did not read them; I “inhaled” them in a day or so. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading about adventures of their heroes. In 1987 I arrived to Santa Clara’s Silicon Valley as a young engineer and one of the first books I re-read was the “Call of the Wild”, in English; the original language. I will always remember one of its first paragraphs: “Buck lived at a big house in the sun-kissed Santa Clara Valley”.  That is where I was. I arrived to the place where my childhood story begun.

It is raining today in “the sun-kissed” Santa Clara Valley.  Since my hunger strike is not a “fast paced suicide mission” I decided to stay home. After all, I still have a roof over my head.  Not for long, but for the time being, it will do. 🙂

Today was the day when I continued packing my things to move them to public storage.  Each item that I picked to put in a Costco moving box evoked its own memory.  Dotar, Ektar and Katho are Indian musical instruments I bought from extremely talented street vendor in Calcutta, India. Birimbao was purchased at the flee market in Rio de Janeiro; Ukulele comes from Kaanapali Beach in Hawaii. My old turntable on which I was listening to my old vinyl records was pulled out of disk jockey’s desk in Belgrade, Serbia. It was a skeleton turntable (the only one I was able to afford at the time) and I built new power supply and case for it.  It still works fine.  Hundreds of my old cassette tapes store music that I was listening to when I played in a New Wave band, way back when I was a student. All of these items fit into one large box. That box is closed now,  ready to go to storage. I decided to keep my harp harmonica with me, but my guitars will go to my friends place to avoid being damaged by humidity.

Today was also the day when Santa Clara Municipal Utilities was to disconnect my electricity because of the outstanding balance.  Since I am going to occupy this house for one more week, I paid the bill and that left me with $900. That is all the money I have left.

I also received several support e-mails and I thanked people who wrote them . That was nice. There was also one e-mail in which person wanted to be removed from the mailing list.  That is cool, too.  I understand that my fight is not everybody’s priority and I wish them luck with whatever they are doing.

I hope it stops raining so I can go tomorrow in front of the Court to continue collecting signatures for my petition.

Good night everybody! 🙂


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Hunger Strike – Day 1

April 9, 2012

Today was the first day of my strike. I woke up at 7 AM, called a reporter in New York to give him an update on my situation. After I took a shower I called a law office that advertises taking cases considering fraud. I spent half hour on the phone with them and they promised to call me back in two or three days. Next phone call was to the  Serbian Consulate in Chicago to let them know that I am starting the strike and gave them instructions what I would like them to do in case something happens to me (I remind you, I’ve received death threats in the past).

Just when I was ready to depart for the court, around 9 AM, I found an eviction notice placed on my door by the Sherriff. It said that I must vacate my house by midnight on Tuesday, 4/19/2012. The definitiveness of the approaching homelessness struck me like a hammer. My whole body started shaking and in spite of my attempts to remain calm, I was not able to control it. I had to sit down, but even that didn’t help. Years of constant stress finally caught up with me. I was not able to move. I found the whole situation bizarrely funny. My brain was saying “Move, this is ridiculous”, but my legs didn’t listen and my hands were shaking uncontrollably. For years I resisted taking anti-depressant pills doctor prescribed me long time ago, but this time I decided to take them. This was stronger than me. I popped two pills and went to bed. I was out in minutes.

Woke up around noon, my body still weak, but I was determined not to be deterred by that. After all I am a grown man with a strong will and some funny feeling in my legs never stopped me in the past. I drove myself to the friend’s house and from there we drove to the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley. I wanted to see if they would be interested to take my case on pro bono basis. The lady who works in Public Interest Division was not there and I was given her direct number to call her back later.

From there we went to the Court House at 170 Park Plaza, downtown San Jose. I unloaded my things, banners, garden chair, small table and Petition against fraud and perjury for people to sign. As I set up my “shop”, new wave of strength overflew my body and I was ready to roll. Some of the Court sheriffs recognized me and greeted me with a smile. That felt nice. I was always pleasant with them in the past and ready to pop the joke. They took good care of me when I had my last strike two years ago. I felt good and ready to engage people who were passing in and out of the court to sign my petition.

I will talk about those encounters more in my next diary logs, but I must mention two cases today. First, it was a guy in his thirties who literary cried in front of me; he also lost everything due to false accusations he had to endure for three years of divorce proceedings, and the only thing that prevented him from becoming homeless was that he still has his mother who took care of him when he was down. He is still fighting for his son that he claims his ex neglects and leaves him for days unattended with some distant relative when she takes off on vacations with her new boyfriend.

There was also a lady with four kids who experiences the same treatment from her ex, for whom she claims that he is a drug addict. Her youngest son who was jumping all over the place had a chocolate mustache, which was cute, and we joked about that.

It felt good. People were talking to me, telling me their stories, as if they finally found somebody who would listen to their problems. One guy even called me “his hero”. Go figure; me and a hero in a same sentence. Eat your heart out Chuck Norris. 🙂

Friend of mine picked me up around 5 PM and I went home. I was done for the day. My girlfriend came around six and that gave me more strength. We spent cozy evening talking and watching TV. First we watched NCIS, which was a “boy’s” stuff and then we watched some “girly” stuff on Lifetime channel. Then it was time to go to bed. Tomorrow is the new day.

Good night everybody!  🙂



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I have exhausted all legal means and venues as prescribed by our legal system. On each and every step in the process I encountered layers of corruption, cronyism and personal ties among participants. The whole case, with legal arguments and timeline of events is summarized in following PDF document -> Judicial Corruption


Man stages hunger strike to protest injustice in Santa Clara, CA, Family Court

  • My name is Mirko Vojnovic. I used to be an engineer. A good one; 10 US Patents approved and two pending. I have been working hard all my life. I came to this country as a young engineer, hoping that the only laws I would be dealing with would be the laws of physics. It did not turn out that way.
  • On February 21st, 2012, my home of 20 years was sold on foreclosure auction. In few days I will be homeless.
  • I didn’t lose my home because I made a bad business decision or a bad investment. I didn’t lose my home because I was living a lavish lifestyle; or because I was drinking or gambling; or because I was doing drugs. I did not, and do not, do any of those things.
  • I was robbed, in broad daylight, by the people who were sworn to abide by the law and enforce the law. I did not allow them to take my daughter away from me. I won that battle, but lost everything else during a seven year ordeal.

–   I have been robbed by divorce attorneys who perjured themselves numerous times.

–   I have been robbed by judges who are protecting those attorneys.

–   I have been robbed by legal institutions and regulatory bodies who are protecting those judges and attorneys.

–   I have been robbed by cronies who infested our judicial system. And I am not alone.

(To learn more about the case please visit www.feedalawyer.wordpress.com)

(To learn more about Family Court problems visit: Center for Judicial Excellence: http://www.centerforjudicialexcellence.org)

  • I will not be a silent victim. They did not take away my dignity. I, as everybody else, deserve my unalienable Rights, to Life,Libertyand the pursuit of Happiness without oppression.
  • I decided to conduct this hunger strike, starting on Monday April 9, 2012, in front of Santa Clara Family Court (170 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA) with the intention to bring public awareness and demand accountability for fraud and perjury that is rampant in the family courts; not only to help myself, but also other parents and their children in similar situations.

I will end my hunger strike once the following conditions are met:

  1. Santa Clara DA’s office to prosecute attorneys Stefan P. Kennedy and Tamara T. Costa for perjury and to prosecute other open cases against parties who committed perjury and/or are guilty of public corruption, including DDA John Chase; and sue for damages; i.e. collapse of my business, depleting of my lifetime savings and personal injuries.
  2. Attorney General to prosecute retired judge Neal Anthony Cabrinha, his accomplices in staged disqualification proceedings and State Bar cronies who protected attorneys Kennedy and Costa.
  3. Immediate processing of my claims against the Santa Clara County by Santa Clara Board of Supervisors and the State of California by California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board.

At the same time I appeal to ValleyOne Investment, LLC to delay the eviction process.

Mirko Vojnovic                                                       e-mail: mirko_vojnovic@yahoo.com

2335 Menzel Place                                                  tel: 408-644-2717

Santa Clara, CA95050                                             blog: www.feedalawyer.wordpress.com

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Mirage, or fallen angels …


Both of these guys had questionable roles in my case. They are, or will be, no more:



1.      Judge Neal Anthony Cabrinha

Cynthia Sevely has announced her candidacy to run for Superior Court Judge, Seat Number 7, which will be vacant due to the upcoming retirement of Judge Neal Cabrinha.



(link), (link), (link)


2.      State Bar of California Chief Trial Counsel James Towery:

Amid a developing ethics probe — James Towery — the embattled Chief Trial Counsel of the State Bar of California, has resigned.



(link), (link)



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Tani Cantil-Sakauye completes the circle

Brazen arrogance of public servants whose work is not subjected to public scrutiny:




En banc

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Look up en banc in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

En bancin bancin banco or in bank is a French term (meaning “on a bench“) used to refer to the hearing of a legal case where all judges of a court will hear the case (an entire “bench“), rather than a panel of them.[1][2] It is often used for unusually complex cases or cases considered to be of greater importance.[2] Appellate courts in the United States sometimes grant rehearing en banc to reconsider a decision of a panel of the court (a panel generally consisting of only three judges) where the case concerns a matter of exceptional public importance…


… and yet they do not think that it would be appropriate, or necessary to explain their decisions.

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World’s Dumbest Criminal

Plain and simple -> some people should not be doing what they are doing:


World’s Dumbest Criminal


We have already met Santa Clara Deputy District Attorney John Chase and his definition of  “temporary job which is a job that doesn’t last forever” (click on the image below or click on the link).




Enter California State Bar’s Supervising Trial Counsel Allen Blumenthal and see how twisted logic is applied by some of our “finest” legal minds.  After you read the article, ask yourself -> are these people really dumb?


The answer is NO!


They just feel too powerful, protected by their institutions, that they really do not care what people think of their actions..  and they treat you like trash.


But, there is a good reason for that: scamming divorcees is a multi billion dollar business in California.


Letter to Bill Herbert, President of the  State Bar Board of Governors, that went unanswered:


Santa Clara,CA

November 20, 2011

Inquiry Number: 10-28699, 11-0-13436 (Kennedy), 11-0-13437 (Costa)


Dear Mr. Herbert,

I received a letter from State Bar’s Supervising Trial Counsel Allen Blumenthal, dated November 9, 2011, in which he informs me that my complaint against attorneys Stefan Patrick Kennedy and Tamara Tandoc Costa is denied again. (EXHIBIT 1)

After I studied that letter and reasons why my complaint was denied, I realized that there is still at least one person with decision making powers within your organization that is eager to see my complaint go away. The fact that you did not take any action for months and that you wrote your response only two days after I informed State Bar of FBI’s involvement, only reinforces this conclusion.

The reasons stated in Mr. Blumenthal’s letter are ridiculous and insult to common sense to say the least.

1.   State Bar wrote: “You (meaning I,  Mirko Vojnovic) alleged  that respondents submitted a false statement by claiming you submitted a declaration of person who does not speak English. You claim you made efforts to ensure that the declaration was accurate. That respondents expressed their opinion in a court pleading does not qualify as a basis for finding a misrepresentation. You may disagree, but law is that an opinion is not basis for finding a misrepresentation. As you know, the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office came to the same conclusion when you complained to them and they refused to prosecute for the same reason. We do not find there is clear and convincing evidence that this is a misrepresentation to the court.”

There are several claims that are wrong in that statement.

  1. I DID NOT SUBMIT ANY DECLARATIONS of a person “who does not speak English”.  I made that clear in my complaint, so next time READ before you make fools of yourselves.
  2. It was attorneys Kennedy and Costa who drafted the Declaration of Hannah Han (ex-spouse’s former supervisor), and submitted it to the court.  Once you get that fact right all other excuses you gave for these attorneys become invalid.
  3. It is obvious from ex-wife’s work records that Hannah Han’s Declaration was not corresponding to truth.
  4. By drafting Hannah Han’s Declaration (per Costa’s admission and you have the document that confirms that) and having Ms. Hannah Han sign it under penalty of perjury, Kennedy and Costa committed SUBORDINATION OF PERJURY by tricking non-English speaker to sign something she did not fully understand. I will not go into the details here, have decency to READ documentation I’ve submitted with my complaint.
  5. By submitting perjurious Declaration to the court, in order to reinforce their claim, Kennedy and Costa did not express their “opinion”, but made factual claim. Materiality of that factual claim can not be disputed. You should know how the “materiality” is defined. I should not be the one to teach you that.
  6. Time and again you put foot in your mouth by quoting some other agency, or court decision, to justify your own conclusions. And yet you claim that “… it is not that civil court judge has to make findings prior to our investigating” (Djinna Gochis’ letter, dated April 13, 2011).  So, which one is it? Do you make your own decisions or do we play “merry go round” where one crook quotes another?
  7. I think we had already established that James Towery and his gang have acquaintances in other legal institutions. In case of Santa Clara District Attorney’s office it is his wife, Assistant DA Karyn Sinunu Towery.  She was already, at least once, under the investigation for conspiracy to derail coke-dealing charges against an attorney (EXHIBIT 2).

And now, just for fun, since you like quoting such moral authorities like Santa Clara DA’s office, let me give you another quote you may use next time: “Your ex-wife’s job certainly was temporary in the sense that it was sporadic and IT    DID NOT LAST FOREVER” (Santa Clara DDA John  Chase’s letter, dated September 9, 2011).

You can find this and other “jewels” of legal thought, including some of your “finest” on my blog:   https://feedalawyer.wordpress.com/


2.   State Bar wrote: “You alleged that respondents also claimed that you failed to provide documents that were subpoenaed (The subpoena was to Pixel Instruments.) You claim that this statement was a misrepresentation because they omitted to state the reason you did not provide it was because respondents would not accept conditions you required for the providing of the documents, namely that you claim the documents were confidential and you required that they agree that the documents were “for attorney’s eyes only.” That they refused your conditions does not change the fact that you refused to honor their subpoena and they were entitled to state that you failed to comply with their subpoena. We do not find their statement to be a misrepresentation.

Major fallacy can be found in the above statement:

  1. You correctly acknowledge that subpoena was issued to Pixel Instruments Corp.
  2. Pixel Instruments Corp. is a SEPARATE LEGAL ENTITY from me, Mirko Vojnovic, petitioner in the divorce proceedings. Pixel Instruments Corp. was not a party to the divorce proceedings[1].
  3. Then, by some foul logic, you, as well as attorneys Kennedy and Costa, equate Pixel Instruments Corp. with me, Mirko Vojnovic, petitioner in the divorce proceedings, and conclude that I failed to comply with the subpoena that was never issued to me.  Such conclusion is preposterous, if not comical, but a very good indicator of how far you would go to stretch the facts in order to deny my complaint. This is an excellent indicator of foul play on your part.
  4. However, you failed to address MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM I complained about, and that is that attorney Kennedy made factual statements claiming that I never provided any documents regarding my interest in Pixel Instruments Corp.  On January 8th, 2008, I provided the documents to attorney Kennedy which clearly showed that my interest in Pixel Instruments stock was acquired after the date of separation. You have that document. The purpose of the discovery process was to find out whether there was “community property” involved.  In light of that Kennedy’s subsequent statements that I did not provide ANY documents were perjurious. Any further “discoveries” and subpoenas initiated by attorney Kennedy were completely frivolous and served no other purpose but to frustrate the proceedings and line up his own pockets.  State Bar can not pretend you did not receive evidence which supports this fact.

3.   You are quoting Santa Clara Family Court and Appellate Court to reinforce your decision. You are pretending that you researched the issue, but if you really did, you would find that attorney Kennedy financed Santa Clara Family Court judge Susan Bernardini’s election campaign. Bernardini’s California Form 700 clearly establishes that. Bernardini was the one, who made the order that I was “recalcitrant and evasive regarding disclosure”, completely disregarding documents I provided on January 8, 2008.  As far as the Appellate Court goes, it was Judge Nathan Mihara who expressly denied my motion to augment the record to include ex-spouse’s work record in the proceedings. Mihara’s ties to Hoge, Fenton, Jones and Appel, thus James Towery, can easily be established. Once again, crook quotes crook to justify and cover up their criminal activities.


4.   The rest of my claims were just supporting evidence to exemplify dirty tactics those two attorneys used to frustrate the proceedings and violate code of professional conduct. None of them are “crown jewels” that could get them prosecuted, but they are good supporting evidence. Again, you concentrated on those minor issues using one whole page, out of two and a half, as if that was the main body of my complaint. What a waste of time, energy and taxpayers money. However, that again points out that you were not serious about disciplining those two attorneys.


5.   On your own website you claim that: “The State Bar’s discipline system is designed to protect the public, the courts and the profession from attorneys who violate ethical rules covering their professional conduct.” [2]  In this case you are clearly acting as an advocate for attorneys Kennedy and Costa and not as a protector of public interest. Further, by denying me insight into opposing party’s claims while not acting as my representative (as a member of public) in zealously protecting public interest, and hiding behind Business and Professions Code section 6086.1(b), makes you to operate in secrecy acting under “color of law” which violates the mandate given to you by The Supreme Court of California. It is violation of due process, thus it is unconstitutional.


At this point and taking into the consideration all of the above I hold each and every person that has been involved in this case, either as an active participant or as a decision making authority that has been informed of the current state of the affairs, personally responsible for public corruption under USC Title 18. I will be filing formal verified accusation against State Bar and each one of you with the Supreme Court and the State Auditor.


I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.


Mirko Vojnovic

Santa Clara


Cc:      Allen Blumenthal, Supervising Trial Counsel

Jayne Kim, Interim Chief Trial Counsel.

Joseph Dunn, Executive Director of the State Bar.

Bill Herbert, President, State Bar Board of Governors

Tani Cantil-Sakauye, ChiefJustice,  CaliforniaSupreme Court

  1. [1] Pixel Instrument’s Board of Directors, is a decision making body for the corporation.
  2. It is by law that all documents on the record in divorce proceedings are public and available for anybody to inspect, including business competition. That fact, you and attorneys Kennedy and Costa can not claim you don’t know.
  3. In order to protect Company’s trade secrets and intellectual property because the subpoena was extremely broad and non-specific, (intentionally frivolous and burdensome), Company’s founder and main investor James Carl Cooper and Marketing Director Christopher Jefferson Smith made the decision that subpoena should be handled by one of Mr. Cooper’s attorneys, acting as a Company’s attorney. At that point it would had been illegal for me to hand over any documents without Company attorney’ approval. It was the Company attorney John Arai Mitchell who requested “for attorney’s eyes only”.  (Correspondence between Company’s attorney, Arai Mitchell, and attorneys Kennedy and Costa was provided to you, and if you read it you will see what where Mr. Mitchell’s concerns).
[2] What is the attorney discipline system and how does it work?

The State Bar’s discipline system is designed to protect the public, the courts and the profession from attorneys who violate ethical rules covering their professional conduct. (http://www.calbar.ca.gov/AboutUs/StateBarOverview.aspx)

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Curious case of $Benjamin CalBar

So, this is how it goes…

Some guy by the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a short novel about some guy named Benjamin Button who ages in reverse. Then some guy by the name of David Fincher directed a movie where some guy by the name of Brad Pitt played Benjamin and some lady by the name of Cate Blanchett played the love of his life. Both of them died in the end.  As a result of all that effort some guy from The New York Observer by the name of Rex Reed wrote that this is “A movie that must be experienced. A monumental achievement”.

Monumentally experienced, indeed.   In this production of docu drama, the main character is $Benjamin (as on a dollar bill) and his curious connections with other main characters.  Time is his weapon, and his opponents are, hopefully, aging out of existence (doesn’t matter in which direction).   Keep in mind, tragedy is that $Benjamin and his buddies are not supposed to be actors, but responsible members of our legal community.


This is my latter to California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tni Cantil-Sakauye regarding malversations within the State Bar of California and how powerful insiders protect their protegees.


Santa Clara,CA

August 16, 2011

Chief Justice Tani Cantil
Supreme Court of California
350 McAllister St
San Francisco,CA94102


Re:   State Bar of California, inquiry number: 10-28699, 11-0-13436 (Kennedy), 11-0-13437 (Costa)

Dear Chief Justice,

My name is Mirko Vojnovic and I’m writing this letter convinced that my complaint to the State Bar of California against attorneys Stefan P. Kennedy and Tamara T. Costa who committed perjury in case Vojnovic v. Vojnovic in Santa Clara Family Court was closed without any basis.

As the California Supreme Court is charged with overseeing the State Bar of California, it is imperative that you be made aware of these facts and issues.

Attorneys Kennedy and Costa committed several acts of perjury during their engagement in my divorce case, but for the sake of simplicity and because evidence to prove perjury was very clear, I limited my initial complaint to only one example.

Former State Bar employees, Chief Trial Counsel  James Towery (who was forced to resign amid ethics probe on July 1st, 2011) and Assistant Chief Trial Counsel Djinna Gochis (who was fired on July 8th, 2011) dismissed my complaint as a personal favor to those attorneys, regardless of the obvious conflict of interest they had when they made their decisions.

Attorney Costa was employee at Hoge, Fenton, Jones and Appel, a law firm where James Towery was a senior partner prior to his nomination as the Chief Trial Counsel. At the same time attorney Kennedy hired an “expert witness” Daniel Fenton in the same case. Daniel Fenton is a son of late Lewis Fenton, who was one of the founders of the said law firm.  Even State Bar at one point admitted that James Towey had a conflict of interest in evaluating my complaint.

Further, taking into the account James Towery’s long lasting connections and influence with/within the State Bar (President 1995-1996, Chief Trial Counsel 2011); Towery’s close ties with the former State Bar President Howard Miller (Member of Board of Governors 2006 – 2009, President 2009 – 2010), and his connections and influence with/within the State Bar; and Djinna Gochis’ long lasting employment with the State Bar (Assistant Chief Trial Counsel, Intake Unit Manager 2001 – 2004,Assistant Chief Trial Counsel, Manager, 2004 – 2011), it is fair to conclude that Djina Gochis had strong personal and professional ties with James Towery and therefore had a conflict of interest in my case against attorneys Kennedy and Costa.

Also, Ms. Gochis, prior to making her decision  never asked for any additional explanation, or the complete original documentation that I offered to support my claims, or any additional evidence to clarify any questions that she might have had regarding my claims.

The facts stated above, her sudden dismissal from office shortly after Towery’s resignation, combined with her unqualified reasons for case dismissal, hastily made on the first working day after she officially took over the case (Fourth of July weekend between Towery’s resignation on Friday, July 1st, 2011, and her letter dated July 5th, 2011, Tuesday) only confirm this conclusion


California State Bar Case

In my complaint I presented to the State Bar documents supporting that:.

  1. Attorneys Kennedy and Costa made false claims to the court, given under oath and in writing where they claimed “temporary” nature of my ex-spouse’s employment in order to justify her extensive vacationing during which she was receiving child and spousal support as if she was unemployed..
  2. Documents that prove their claims were fraudulent; ex-spouse’s original job offer and  W-2 forms..
  3. Documents that prove that the attorneys had previous knowledge their claims were fraudulent, thus intentionally misleading the court. I presented the documents that court file already had ex-spouse’s paystubs that listed her earnings as salary, as well as the original job offer where she was offered health and other benefits.


This is a clear violation of the Business and Professions Code 6106:

“The commission of any act involving moral turpitude, dishonesty or corruption, whether the act is committed in the course of his relations as an attorney or otherwise, and whether the act is a felony or misdemeanor or not, constitutes a cause for disbarment or suspension. If the act constitutes a felony or misdemeanor, conviction thereof in a criminal proceeding is not a condition precedent to disbarment or suspension from practice therefore.”


The latest update from the State Bar is that my complaint was dismissed by former Assistant Chief Trial Counsel Djinna Gochis.  In her letter dated July 5th, 2011 (three days before she was fired), Ms. Gochis wrote: “It is my assessment that your allegations would not result in discipline”.  In her letter she did not address any specifics, nor did she explain which evidence she disputed. (EXHIBIT 1 – Djinna Gochis’ letter)

Furthermore, Ms. Gochis’ response stated that she had written attorneys Kennedy and Costa and that their response was: “… you (Mirko Vojnovic) had made the same claims of misconduct to the civil court, which had not been sustained.”

That statement is false. I have never filed any documents withCivil Court in this matter. I only filed with the Santa Clara Family Court, and case was dismissed because I filed under the old CCP Section 128.5 (applicable to divorces filed before January 1991), instead of the current CCP Section 128.7. Dismissal was based on procedural error and had nothing to do with the facts presented in this matter.

However, attorneys’ new false[1] statement was enough for Ms. Gochis to conclude: ” The fact that a court, hearing your claims and objections, did not make a finding in your favor only confirms that assessment”.

At the same time that also means that Djinna Gochis was actively working on my complaint even during the period when James Towery was still with the State Bar, and State Bar still had a conflict of interest in dealing with my complaint, per their own admission.


History of the case:

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time my case has been dismissed by the California State Bar.  The first time it was dismissed was on February 7th, 2011, by James Towery, former Chief Trial Counsel (ethics probe: Miller-Lack-Girardy). His claim was that: “ … the judge did not make any findings against the attorneys”. I challenged this reasoning because it is not written anywhere in the State Bar rules.  I also pointed out that Mr. Towery had conflict of interest because attorney Costa was his employee at Hoge, Fenton, Jones and Appel, and attorney Kennedy used Daniel Fenton as an “expert” witness in my case.

After my complaint the case was reinstated and was handed over to Djinna Gochis.  She admitted that “… the judge not making findings against the attorneys” does not constitute grounds for dismissal and acknowledged State Bar’s conflict of interest. Early June 2011 she appointed outside examiner Gail Charles to investigate my case.

Taking into the account my previous experience with the State Bar’s office of Chief Trial Counsel, it was only prudent of me to find out the eligibility of this outside resource. I contacted Gail Charles via e-mail asking her to clarify whether she had any conflict of interest in this case. She did not respond positively to my inquiry and I informed Ms. Gochis that I would like State Bar to find another outside examiner.

After James Towery left the State Bar on July 1st, 2011, Ms. Gochis concluded, in her letter dated July 5th, 2011, that: “Any claim of conflict (of interest) is now moot” and that she can make a decision in my case.  I strongly disagree with her conclusion for the reasons stated above.



Current reshuffling at the State Bar uncovered years of abuse and personal favoritism among the high ranking officials of the State Bar. It was only after they became too greedy and when they stepped on some very powerful toes (Dole Food Company, which brought the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ involvement; CaliforniaALL money laundering, just to name the few) those things came to light.

But what about all those ordinary people who had been taken to the cleaners by dishonest and downright criminal attorneys? Those people have destroyed more families and children’s future then what they suffer in this economic downturn.  I’ve written a study based on government census data and Nolo press of how much money is embezzled in family courts acrossCaliforniaevery year. We are talking here about 1.1 billion dollars (EXIBIT 2). That is a dirty business that destroys the very fabric of our own society and if it continues unchecked our children will pay the price.

I’m talking from experience. I spent close to $160K in my divorce (my lifetime savings) fighting false accusations and fighting for my child; my business was destroyed in the process and I’m left without any means to support myself. Wherever I turned (over 6 years period) I came across, either personal favoritism or indifference.  Whatever checks and balances were built into the legal system (State Bar, CJP, DA’s office, Appellate Court) those things do not work unless one has unlimited amount of money to hire more attorneys or has backing of some high ranking official.  Honor and moral integrity have been sacrificed to simple survivalism too often these days.  People are disillusioned to fight for their rights. They “cut their loses” and try to disappear from the spot light as fast as they can.


Great Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Become the change you want to see in the World”.

My child deserves better future; I will not stop fighting this corruption and injustice.


I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State ofCaliforniathat the foregoing is true and correct.


Mirko Vojnovic

2335 Menzel Place

Santa Clara,CA95050

[1] I strongly disagree with the statement given to me by the State Bar Complaint Specialist Lisa, on July 7th, 2011, regarding State Bar’s practice that accused attorneys’ response is “privileged information” and that it can not be reviewed by the person who made the complaint. As it can be seen in this case, attorneys made another false claim in order to protect themselves.

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